Aboard Puzz.com: Are You Ready To Test Your Brain Power?

By William F. Bultas

If you need a little brain teasing, these ten puzzles should do the trick. Feel free to use a dictionary & any other reference or calculating aids you think might help, but don't get help from other people if you really want to test your brain power. Try your skill at lateral thinking, association, word play, and logic based puzzles, and always keep an eye open for the unexpected. Have fun!

Number Correct           Brain Power Level
     0-1                 Low
     2-3                 Average
     4-5                 High
      6                  Very High
     7-8                 Powerful
     9-10                Incredible!

1. What sentence is concealed below?


2. My last three letters are hard & cold. Remove my first two letters, & you have a word meaning 'minutely accurate.' I am a city. What am I?

3. Determine what this sentence says, given only the initial letters of some of the words: A W that E W.

4. Which one of the statements that follow is definitely true?

A. I have fired 100 missiles at your country.
B. Half of the people will be killed by explosions.
C. There is a 100% chance that you will die.
D. Most of the buildings will be destroyed.
E. My missiles use biological agents.
F. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

5. What famous theatric quotation does this series of letters conceal?


6. In a perfectly circular arena, I walk from the edge directly to the center. I then turn directly to my left, & walk in a straight line to the edge of the arena. I then turn to the right & follow along the edge for a total of 500 meters until I arrive at the point that I started from. What is the circumference of the inner edge of the arena?

Each of the following problems consists of three words or names that have some indirect relationship to one another. The words are followed by a listing of the number of words and letters in the answer to the puzzle.

Example: Eve Doctor Juice (1 word, 5 letters)

The answer is APPLE. Eve purportedly ate an apple in the Garden of Eden, there is a well known saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," & juice refers to apple juice.

7. Tiger Cut Sword (1 word, 5 letters)

8. Snake Cleese Nude (2 words, 5 & 6 letters)

9. Nine Hammer Music (3 words, 4, 4, & 5 letters)

10. Burger Milk Smile (1 word, 6 letters)


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