Answers to Aboard Puzz.com: Are You Ready To Test Your Brain Power?

By William F. Bultas

The puzzles are on this page.

1. Take the first letter on the far left, then the farthest letter on the right, the next furthest letter on the far left, the next furthest letter on the right, and so on, and you'll get I LOVE GAMES.

2. Venice.

3. All's Well that Ends Well.

4. C. There is a 100% chance that we will all die eventually. This was a trick question, so don't get upset if you missed it!

5. To be, or not to be: that is the question. The letters given in the sequence are the last letters in each of these words.

6. 666 2/3 meters. Draw a diagram of the route I took, and then think of it in terms of a pie chart. I walked exactly 3/4 of the way around the arena, so simply multiply the 500 meters I walked by 4/3 to get the answer.

7. Saber. Saber-toothed tiger, saber and cut are synonyms, and a saber is a type of sword.

8. Monty Python. A python is a type of snake, Cleese was in Monty Python, & The Full Monty indicates nudity, with Monty being in this term/title and in the answer.

9. Nine Inch Nails. Nine is in Nine Inch Nails, a hammer is used on nails, & Nine Inch Nails is a music group.

10. Cheese. Cheese burger, cheese is made from milk, & some photographers tell you to say "cheese" when they take your picture.


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