Answers to Kim's Riddles

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1. albatross......An albatross is taking two strokes on a par 5. It is very difficult to obtain, therefore a golfer's dream. Its last syllable rhymes with a religious symbol, this being a cross, and Al is a popular abbreviated guy's name.

2. instinct....Instinct is a feeling urged from within, and many people ignore this feeling but they shouldn't. When sounding it out, the word stink is sounded.

3. remote......A remote control is used with electronics and a remote location is very isolated.

4. sluggish.....A sluggish person is lazy. A slug is a pest in our gardens and a bear's seafood lunch is fish (which rhymes with gish).

5. gazelle.....A game involving getting from point A to point B is a maze which rhymes with gaze. A gazelle is a type of antelope.

6. discus......A discus is used in track and field. Add an s to discus and you have discuss which means to exchange ideas.

7. combat.....The first four letters are comb which is the device used for everyday cleanliness.

8. ambush.....An ambush happens suddenly and without warning. Its second syllable is an American President, George Bush, and a bush is planted.

9. mistletoe....Mistletoe inspires affection (a kiss if standing under it). Mist is droplets of rain and the last three letters are toe (a body part)

10. mohawk......A mohawk is a bird belonging to the falcon family. Mohawks are an Indian tribe as well as an extreme hairstyle.

11. barrette....Barrettes hold hair. They are very light yet hold hundreds of hair. The first three letters are referring to a bar (a place that houses parties), and of course a chocolate bar.

12. figure..... figure eight, A good figure versus a bad figure for appearing in a magazine, first three letters are a type of tree (fig)

13. stanley....The Stanley Cup is brought out only for a special occassion. Stanley is a masculine name. Add a "D" to the first three letters and you have stand (which is an upright position). The last three letters rhyme with a golf ball's companion, a tee.

14. phonics.......Phonics is a literary program used in schools. Bambi is a fawn and sounds like phon.

15. knowledge.......Knowledge is required to be intelligent and don't fall off my last five letters, this being a ledge.


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