Kim's Riddles

By Kimberley Rietze
Up for a little brain teasing? These riddles should do the trick! See how many you can solve, and click here when you are ready to see the answers. If you can answer 5 of them, you've done well, 9, and you have something to tell, and 12 or more -- that's quite a score! Have fun.

1. I am three syllables and a golferís dream. My last syllable rhymes with a religious symbol. My first syllable is an abbreviated form of a popular guyís name. (9 letters)

2. Iím not often trusted but I should be. Iím a feeling from deep within and if you sound me out you may notice an unpleasant odor. (8 letters)

3. Iím often associated with electronics, however I have a meaning thatís much more isolated. (6 letters)

4. Iím lazy. My first half is an unwelcome visitor to our gardens. My second half rhymes with a bearís seafood lunch. (8 letters)

5. I am an animal that contains the letter Z. My first four letters rhyme with a type of puzzle that involves getting from point A to point B. (7 letters)

6. Iím used in athletic contests and consist of stone or metal. Add the letter ďsĒ to my end and you have a word meaning ďto exchange ideasĒ. (6 letters)

7. I am a struggle, a fight, and a contest. My first four letters are an everyday device used for cleanliness. (6 letters)

8. I happen suddenly and without warning. My second syllable is planted and is also the surname of a recent American president. (6 letters)

9. I am a Christmas decoration that inspires affection. My first four letters denote droplets of rain and my last three letters are a body part. I am three syllables. (9 letters)

10. My last four letters are a type of bird belonging to the falcon family. I am an Indian tribe as well as a hairstyle. (6 letters)

11. I am a holding device. Though I am very lightweight I can hold hundreds. My first three letters are an establishment that houses parties or a word associated with chocolate. (8 letters)

12. Iím often associated with the number eight. A good one or bad one might determine my chances of appearing in a magazine. My first three letters are a type of tree. (6 letters)

13. Iím a type of cup brought out only for a special occasion. My name is a masculine one. Add a ďdĒ to my first four letters and you have an upright position. My last three letters rhyme with a golf ballís companion. (7 letters)

14. I am a literary program implemented in schools. My first four letters sound like what Bambi was. (7 letters)

15. I am what all intelligent people have. Donít fall off my last five letters. (9 letters)


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