Enigmus Associations Experiment-Answers and Grading Scale

Raw Score Ranking
1-4 Poor
5-8 Average
9-12 Above Average
13-16 Exceptional

1) nuclear (nuclear energy, nuclear missle and nuclear family).

2) apple (the Big Apple, Adam ate the apple and so do worms).

3) sea (seashore, seasick, seahorse)

4) units of measurement

5) tentacles

6) eight (eight legs, eight sides, eighth month)

7) homonym (two-too-to,  bear-bare, ail-ale)

8) portals

9) coins

10) luck (salt over the shoulder brings good luck, walking under a ladder brings bad luck, and the foot of a rabbit is said to bring  good fortune)

11) palindromes

12) Each figure is comprised of five lines.

13)The number of letters in each word is equal to the number of sides in each polygon.

14)The first and last letters in each figures has a difference of one.

15)Each number is the square of a number (2, 9 and 30).

16)Each of the numbers are prime (divisible by one and themselves).

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