Association Puzzles

By William F. Bultas

Each of these puzzles consists of 3 words or names, followed by the number of letters in the word or name that is the answer to the puzzle. Each of the 3 words have some relationship to the answer word. Sometimes this relationship is fairly direct, while at times it is something obscure or extremely unusual. Example: Eve Doctor Juice (5 letters)

The answer is APPLE. Eve purportedly ate an apple in the Garden of Eden, there is a well known saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," & juice refers to apple juice.

Always look for the BEST answer, and guess if you aren't sure. Feel free to use books, the net, and anything else that you think will help you, but don't get help from other people if you want to use the scale below. Have fun!

Number Correct           Brain Power Level
     0-3                 Low
     4-6                 Average
     7-9                 High
    10-13                Very High
    14-17                Powerful
    18-20                Incredible!

1. Mallet Arches Ball (7 letters)

2. Utah Music Accelerate (4 letters)

3. Beast Black Skin (6 letters)

4. Sheet Thwart Sword (4 letters)

5. Machine Space Clock (4 letters)

6. Drug Flower Religion (5 letters)

7. Gift Now Give (7 letters)

8. Famous Richie Opulent (4 letters)

9. Block Curse Beaver (3 letters)

10. Feeble Seven Calendar (4 letters)

11. Mirror Doppelganger Body (6 letters)

12. Wizard Magic Game (4 letters)

13. One Game Business (8 letters)

14. Fruit Killer Red (6 letters)

15. Gates Minute Brewery (5 letters)

16. Reagan McDonald Hoeflin (6 letters)

17. Graphics Coffee Man (4 letters)

18. Key Slate Toleration (5 letters)

19. Dragon Intercepting Bruce (3 letters)

20. Soup Bruce Argyll (8 letters)


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