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1. Croquet. Mallets and balls are used in croquet, & you knock the balls through arches.

2. Jazz. Utah Jazz is a basketball team, jazz is a type of music, and the word jazz is a synonym for accelerate.

3. Beauty. Beauty and the Beast and Black Beauty are both titles, and there is a saying that "beauty is only skin deep."

4. Foil. Foil is a type of sheet metal, foil can mean thwart, and a foil is a sword.

5. Time. Time machine is a title and the object of some speculation, space-time is a well known term, & a clock shows the time.

6. Opium. Opium is a drug, opium poppy has showy flowers, and, although it is an obscure reference, Karl Marx wrote that "religion is the opium of the masses."

7. Present. A gift is a present, the present time is now, and to give is to present.

8. Rich. There is a TV show known as Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Richie Rich was comic book character, & opulent & rich are synonyms.

9. Dam. Block & dam are synonyms, & damn, a curse word, is a homophone of dam. Beavers build dams.

10. Week. Feeble is a synonym of weak, which is a homophone of week. There are seven days in a week, and weeks are shown in a calendar.

11. Double. You see your double when you look in a mirror, a doppelganger is your double, and Body Double is the title of a movie.

12. Mage. Mage and wizard are synonyms, a mage uses magic, mage is an anagram of game.

13. Monopoly. The prefix mono- indicates one, Monopoly is a game, and monopoly is a term related to business.

14. Tomato. A tomato is a fruit, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is the title of a movie, and many tomatoes are red.

15. Micro. Bill Gates started Microsoft, minute and micro are synonyms, and there are microbreweries.

16. Ronald. All 3 of the individuals listed have the first name Ronald.

17. Java. Java relates to computer graphics, java means coffee, and there was a Java man.

18. Locke. A key fits into a lock, which is a homophone of Locke, Locke wrote about the tabula rasa, which is a blank slate, and Locke wrote the famous letter titled Toleration.

19. Lee. Lee's first name was Bruce, he was known as the Dragon, and was born in the year of the Dragon. He created a martial arts style known as Jeet Kune Do: The way of the intercepting fist.

20. Campbell. A well known brand of soup is Campbell's, there is a well known television and movie actor named Bruce Campbell, and John Douglas Sutherland Campbell was the 9th Duke of Argyll.


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