Cryptograms of Bart Simpson's Blackboard Writings

Bart has written many bizarre & humorous things on the blackboard during The Simpsons television shows. I have taken 20 of the things he has written, & converted them to cryptograms. A cryptogram is a code made by substituting a different letter for each letter of the alphabet. In a particular code, for example, the l's might be replaced by j's, & the j's might be replaced by b's. Every letter is usually changed, & a different code is used for each problem. The object is to break the codes to discover each of the funny things Bart wrote on the blackboard. I have only used writings that include the word "not," & many of the writings use "I will not." The answers are on a separate page. Have fun, & don't have a cow, man! Hmm.... Maybe I should have said tzi'd aqnx q wzm, oqi!

1. O jorr meb hovvpdb blomwv ymrpvv omvbxydbph

2. D ndzz asg bwfgqmsfty da geq efzzb

3. R xrmm zbn ynofn pobfze mruj R bxz ncj vmpgj

4. T ktrr vid wzrjq dqz Vfdtivfr Fvdqzo

5. "Fucd Flnpi" ucm vtd rmbur dmvomc

6. Ic rhik qj rbp Zg. Zkhpv

7. Q cqoo rsg vpoo tqiyjop jbipv

8. W owpp cgv zfrmir vbr ngcxrj umfi

9. T cg bgo diwn ctkagliotq tllpbtou

10. V lvqq bpd dseay pdysjm dp zqc

11. Krn bedludbtm'q khabnn dq lhk t Zedqinn

12. Zado esvdoafbvz do vcz qchdvl uvt ecdvznboo

13. Jtci rmfb tb yls sll glyd sl qmts jlz m doy

14. Au ciazjipn jxy giq yqiozg wu x igz-xpazk axg

15. R frkk pub zhkk "Tlh't Chjc" jb oukk qjkk

16. X qxzz fuk cbk klxfmd eua gufcs

17. H ehii xtv ngjtqn vkn hmxtfcxdn tb vkn bcdrivl

18. H qhss tui idvfg avtip qhik uikgdp

19. O modd fja tvdd "Bocv" of h rcjmyvy rdhqqcjjn

20. Em'o bjmlmj, zjm bjmlmji


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