Answers to Cryptograms of Bart Simpson's Blackboard Writings

If you haven't tried to solve the cryptograms, go here first.

1. I will not dissect things unless instructed

2. I will not skateboard in the halls

3. I will not strut around like I own the place

4. I will not belch the National Anthem

5. "Bart Bucks" are not legal tender

6. My name is not Dr. Death

7. I will not sell miracle cures

8. I will not grease the monkey bars

9. I do not have diplomatic immunity

10. I will not teach others to fly

11. The principal's toupee is not a Frisbee

12. This punishment is not boring and pointless

13. Five days is not too long to wait for a gun

14. My homework was not stolen by a one-armed man

15. I will not yell "She's Dead" at roll call

16. I will not eat things for money

17. I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty

18. I will not trade pants with others

19. I will not yell "Fire" in a crowded classroom

20. It's potato, not potatoe


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