Notes for the Chimera Test

Believe it or not, this test is not impossible. All of the puzzles can be solved without advanced mathematical knowledge, & most of the problems require only general knowledge, if any at all. Still, the test is extremely difficult. Anyone who receives a perfect or a near perfect score is a true genius! Paul Cooijmans feels that the following formula will give your approximate IQ for your FIRST ATTEMPT on the test: # correct multiplied by 2.5, and then added to 125. A score of 0 does not apply. Lateral thinking skills are a must on this test. The test was created in July of 1997, and as far as I know, no one has achieved a perfect score. I scored the test until 9/15/99, and had offered a Box of THINKfast (a product we do not sell anymore) and $100 to the individual who answered all of the problems correctly, but that never happened.

To give people an incentive to try the Chimera Test, I created The Chimera List - a list of the names of the people who achieved the highest ten scores. The list is of course no longer updated, as I no longer score the test.

Do you believe you are up to the challenge? Well then,