By William F. Bultas

Instructions: Please see these notes for more instructions. Give answers to all questions, even if this means guessing. You may use any amount of time to complete the test and any and all reference materials and calculating devices may be used. However, receiving help from other people, viewing or listening to their answers or hints, or using materials specifically designed for answering these problems is prohibited, if you want to use the IQ formula on this page. When you feel that you are finished with the test, click here to see the answers. The CHIMERA LIST can be found at The names of those who achieved the highest 10 scores on this test (prior to its retirement on 9/15/99) are on this list. Good luck, & enjoy! Main Page

1.                            mensa
                     4   5   35   56   83   ? ______      

3. Imagine a metal cube that has a 3x3 grid drawn on each face. There are thus 9 equal squares on each face of the cube, 54 squares in all. If you lay the cube on a flat surface and place a magnetic chess knight on the center square of the top face of the cube, what is the maximum number of moves that the chess knight could complete if he makes only legal chess moves, lands on no square more than once, and makes his last move so that he lands on the square that he began on? The knight may move from face to face of the cube as if each face were a continuous flat surface. Each time that the knight makes a move that puts him on a new face that cube face is turned so that it becomes the top face. Only consider the knight to have landed on a square when he is placed on that square as a result of completing that turn's move, of which there is 1, not 3. Example: The 1st square the knight lands on cannot be on the face on which he began. ______

4. ONE: 2, TWO: 3, THREE: 1, FOUR: ? ______

                                               .        .     .                                          
6. Complete the last step in this series:     .    .     .   ..   ?                                         
                                         ..   ..    .   ..          _______         

7. If a juggler juggles 3 different colored objects, how many throws are necessary to return the objects to their starting positions if each object is thrown to the opposite hand at least once and a standard juggling pattern is used (i.e. 1 hand throws an object, then the second hand throws an object, then the 1st, etc.), and the juggler starts out with 2 objects in 1 hand (the 1st hand to throw an object) and 1 in the other? ______

8.                            LIFE
                  M    M   S   E   M   E   ?  ______

Provide men the use so toleration finds residence free of misleading theories gift of decried species.

10.  awri     lites     will     chayaf     bitter     rabbit     laughter 

11.  1   3   6   10   3   9   4   12   ? ______

12.  Z   T   =   L
     =   -   =   -
     -   -   -   ?     ______

13. SUM = 5187, CUBE = 630, MANY = ? _______

14. AMERICANS: D, Z, Q, N, N, Z, ? ______

15. If beb ged is the same as neeveh, and cec dec is the same as leeuei, then what would be the equivalent for ded aeb? ________

16. eraser = mortal = marvel = brutes = backlog = cortex = ranger = ? _________

17. 62087 183261 546783 1610349 ? ____________

18. Infinitely Powerful is to 151314916152051420 as Utterly Stupid is to ? _________

19. Imagine that a 4x4x4 inch cube is perfectly sliced so that when the pieces are separated they are all in the form of 1x1x1 inch cubes. Ziggurat-like structures can then be formed with the remaining cubes. The smallest of such structures would have 1 cube centered on the top of a square layer of 4 cubes. Other structures can also be made but are only considered ziggurat-like if each layer is in a square formation, perfectly centered upon the layer below it (except for the bottom layer), smaller than the layer below it (excepting the bottom layer), and have a 1 cube pinnacle for the top layer. How many different ziggurat-like structures can be formed from the available cubes, assuming that all of the cubes can be used for building each structure? ________

20. Dewar Meyerhof Snell Torricelli Avogadro Al-Battani ? __________