Individual & Sets of Brain Teasers for Your Web Site

Description: In addition to our random brain teasers and our Random IQ Test, you may wish to serve pre-selected individual teasers, or pre-selected sets of teasers (which could form a test or quiz that you create yourself from the problems in our database). You'll see how we have linked pre-selected teasers on this page of our site. As you'll see, you are free to run banner ads or anything else around the teasers - it really just becomes an interactive part of your site. The teasers are pulled from the same database as our Random IQ Test, and there are now well over 300 puzzles and growing. These features are very popular on our own site, and are likely to be added to the "favorites" lists of many of your visitors if they find them on your site.

Individual Brain Teasers

How It Works: There are 2 simple codes that need to be inserted into the web page(s) that you want the teasers to appear on:

In the HEAD portion of the page: <script> var oneRandomPuzzle = "no"; var easy=new Array(); var medium=new Array(); var hard=new Array(); easy[0]=103; </script>
IMPORTANT: Change the 103 in the code above to the number of the teaser you want to use, and change easy to medium or hard, if you prefer to serve more difficult teasers. At present the available teaser numbers for the 3 difficulty levels are:

easy: 0-125
medium: 0-126
hard: 0-71

In other words, there are 325 total brain teasers in our database that you can presently choose from.

In the BODY portion of the page: <script src="http://www.billsmovies.com/ran_puzz/ran_puz_body_newpuz.js"> </script>

Sets of Brain Teasers (for quizzes or tests)

NOTE: The Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test and the Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test II are excellent examples of how the codes below plus an introduction we added created two different stand-alone tests. You can use similar techniques to make your own tests.

How It Works: The codes above will cause individual teasers to appear on your page(s). But what if you want to serve a set of teasers as a test or quiz? The code for the BODY stays the same as above for individual teasers, but a a slightly more complex code is needed in the HEAD of the page: <script> var oneRandomPuzzle = "no"; var easy=new Array(); var medium=new Array(); var hard=new Array(1,3,4,6); easy[0]=6; medium[0]=25; </script>
VERY IMPORTANT: The code above would serve EASY teaser #6, MEDIUM teaser #25, and HARD teasers 1, 3, 4, and 6. If you wished to serve more than 1 EASY teaser, you would delete easy[0]=6; from the code, and modify var easy=new Array(); to contain the problem numbers you wanted, separated by comma(s) (but no spaces). If you wanted to serve only HARD teasers 1,3,4,6 and no EASY or MEDIUM teasers, you would delete the easy[0]=6; and medium[0]=25; portions of the code altogether.

Once you have uploaded your page or pages, all you have to do is link to them. You can say whatever you want in your links (as long as no false claims are made, etc.).


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