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IQ Tests - Our All IQ Tests site hosts 57 of our very best IQ tests, fully automated. You can optionally create a free account that will archive all of the tests you've taken or are currently working through, provide you with the answers you've submitted (and an indicator as to whether or not they were correct), the correct answers, and your scores on each of the tests.

IQ Tests (All) - This section of All IQ Tests lists and links all of our IQ tests that are hosted on the site.

Randomly Generated IQ Test - Enjoy our IQ test that gives you 10 new puzzles each time you reload the page. An IQ score and ranking scale are provided.

Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test - A tough IQ test that will make you think "outside of the box".

Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test II - Another IQ test that will measure your lateral thinking skills.

Oracle Exam - An automated & timed test that gives you an estimated IQ score.

IQ Test - Have queries about IQ, IQ Tests, IQ Scores? Want to know if you are a Genius or what it takes to be a Genius? Get all your queries answered here on

Selfgrowth's Directory of IQ and EQ Tests on the web - Tons of IQ tests & other tests.

All The Tests - Metric tons of IQ tests & other tests (including a few of ours).

Adaptive IQ Test - "Cheat-resistant" test developed by members of the Mega Society. The problems and the test are intriguing.

BrainBall - 10-round daily mind game / IQ test with extensive stats.

WordBall - A daily word game with 5 different word puzzles. Your score reflects how well you have done in comparison to other players on a given day.

Free IQ Test - The world's quickest free IQ test.

Memory Games & Other Brain Games - From our Online Gaming Zone site. Test & Exercise your memory and other mental abilities.