Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test

Below are 10 lateral thinking IQ puzzles by Lloyd King. Lloyd is the author and/or co-author of the books Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles, Test Your Creative Thinking, Puzzles for the High IQ and Pocket Puzzlers II: IQ Teasers. These 10 puzzles are from Test Your Creative Thinking.

The following 10 multiple choice problems are very difficult. You will have to think "outside of the box" to solve them. If you are not certain of an answer, be sure to guess. Although this is not a standardized IQ test, you can rate yourself using the following table:

Number Correct                 IQ and Percentile
      0                    IQ   0 - IQ  90 / 0-25
      1                    IQ  90 - IQ  110/25-75
     2-3                   IQ 110 - IQ  130/75-98
      4                    IQ 130 - IQ  138/98-99
     5-6                   IQ 138 - IQ  150/99-99.9
     7-8                   IQ 150 - IQ  160/99.9-99.99
     9-10                           IQ  160+/99.99+

If you find yourself completely stumped on a problem, here is a version of the test that provides hints.