Chimera Test of Mental Maturity

By William F. Bultas
This quiz should be taken just for fun. The questions should to some extent measure your ability to think and your knowledge, but don't take the test too seriously as far as being an indicator of your intelligence. You may want to use scratch paper to work out problems and write down your answers. Don't use other pages on the web or any reference aids to work out the problems, and try to complete the test in one session (there is no set time limit). Guess if you are not sure of an answer. When you are done, click here to see the answers. You can then evaluate how well you performed using the scale below. If you are under age 21, or if English is not your primary language, add a few points to your score. There may be other circumstances where you should add some points, and you should be the judge of when and to what extent this applies. Have fun!

Problems 1-10 are each worth 1 point. Problems 11-15 are each worth 2 points.

Final Score                 IQ & Rank
    0-2                     IQ  90 / Below Average
    3-5                     IQ 100 / Average
    6-8                     IQ 110 / High Normal
    9-11                    IQ 120 / Superior
   12-14                    IQ 130 / Gifted
   15-17                    IQ 140 / Highly Gifted
   18-20                    IQ 150+/ Genius

For problems 1-5, decide which word does not belong with the others:

1. Erewhon unicorn Excalibur widget wrench Tartarus

2. Jupiter Venus Pluto Saturn Mercury Ares

3. pencil carthage litmus Simon Sears Rubik

4. he it she they of we

5. miniscule minute dimorphic tiny minuscule infinitesimal

For problems 6-10, decide which of the choices given best completes each analogy:

6. Spielberg is to Duel as Lucas is to

A. Return of the Lash B. Goodbye Columbus C. THX 1138 D. Diamond's Edge E. Medium Cool F. Journey of Hope

7. Gavel is to Trial as Baton is to

A. Courtroom B. Battle C. Army D. Classroom E. Orchestra F. Students

8. men is to cattle as eunuch is to

A. horse B. herd C. cowboy D. ox E. ranch F. cow

9. Fighting is to Acting as Fighter is to

A. Performer B. Artist C. Anarchist D. Thespian E. Fledgling F. Jester

10. naira is to Nigeria as drachma is to

A. Rome B. Italy C. Turkey D. Greece E. Spain F. Sudan

For problems 11-15, replace the ? in each problem with the correct answer, or complete the problem as indicated. Keep in mind that problems 11-15 are each worth twice as many points as problems 1-10.

11. V + L x D + C (X - M) = ?

Choose from: -73995 -46325 -1120 2250 5000 6835

12. fruit = chapel, container = churn, sick = chill, wanderer = ?

Choose from: cherub challenge child chowder change charcoal

13. Place each of the following on row 1 or row 2: $ B E C V W

Row 1: F X T J K
Row 2: M L O P S

14. solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and ?

Choose from: evil mean short torn broken drunk

15. Example: Weapon (-----) Sorcery

Answer: SWORD

Fruit (------) Paste

Answer: ?


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