Chimera Test of Mental Maturity Answers

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1. wrench. It is the only real thing listed there. The other words and names are of fictional things.

2. Ares. It is the only Greek name - the other planets/gods are given in their Roman names.

3. carthage. This name should be capitalized. All of the other words and names are correctly capitalized or not capitalized.

4. of. The other words would make sense in situations including 'he fell down' or 'it fell down' etc.

5. dimorphic. All of the other words mean 'very small.'

6. C. THX 1138. Spielberg directed the movie Duel, and Lucas directed THX 1138.

7. E. Orchestra. A gavel can be used to preside over a trial, and a baton can be used to direct an orchestra.

8. D. ox. A man who is castrated is a eunuch, and a castrated member of the cattle family can be described as an ox.

9. D. Thespian. A fighter fights, and a Thespian acts.

10. D. Greece. A naira is currency used in Nigeria, and a drachma is currency used in Greece.

11. -73995 (if you found this test in our newsletter, we goofed, so this answer wasn't listed - sorry about that). The Roman Numberals can be converted into standard numbers. This is an equivalent equation: 5 + 50 x 500 + 100 (10 - 1000) = ?

12. cherub. Remove the 'ch' sound from each word given, and you have the sound of a word that fits the desription in each instance. That is: fruit = chapel = apple, container = churn = urn, sick = chill = ill, wanderer = cherub = Arab. An older meaning of the word Arab was/is 'wanderer.'

13. Characters are split between the two rows given depending upon whether or not each character can be drawn without picking up the writing instrument, and without retracing any line. Row 2 characters can be drawn in this way, while Row 1 characters cannot. So the final arrangement looks like this:

Row 1: F X T J K $ E
Row 2: M L O P S B C V W

14. short. The philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for having made the statement that life is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

15. tomato. A tomato is a fruit, and tomato paste can be made with this fruit.

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