Movie Trivia II

By William F. Bultas

This trivia quiz is entirely true/false. See how many of the problems you can answer correctly - you have done extremely well if you are right on more than 15 of them. The answers are on this page. Have fun!

1. Bubba's last words to Forrest Gump in the movie by that name are "I wanna go home."

2. Tim Allen does the voice of Woody in the movie Toy Story.

3. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the role of Malcolm X in the movie by that name.

4. Sharon Stone was the Serial Mom in the movie by that name.

5. It is suggested that Ike & Tina might get back together at the end of the movie What's Love Got To Do With It?

6. In the 1994 movie Junior, Schwarzenegger's character falls in love with the one played by Jodie Foster.

7. The character Jack is played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1997 movie Titanic.

8. In the Japanese animated movie Vampire Hunter D, the "D" turns out to stand for Dracula.

9. At the end of The Crying Game, the character played by Forest Whitaker helps an IRA volunteer escape from prison.

10. In the movie Ed Wood, the character by that name is played by Johnny Depp.

11. Searching for Bobby Fischer is based on a true story.

12. In the 1998 movie Godzilla, 2 attempts are made to lure the monster by using fish.

13. In Kiss the Girls, the character played by Morgan Freeman is killed in an explosion caused by gas & the discharge of his firearm.

14. There is a scene in the movie Restoration where the character played by Robert Downey Jr. touches a live man's brain.

15. The mastermind in The Usual Suspects turns out to be the character played by Kevin Spacey.

16. A treasure map is found to be tattooed on a pirate's skull in Cutthroat Island.

17. It is mentioned at the end of Animal House that the character played by John Belushi goes on to become an attorney for the ACLU.

18. The movie Blade Runner is based on the book Tomorrow's End, by Robert Heinlein.

19. The character played by John Travolta is an FBI agent in Face/Off.

20. Sidney Poitier's famous line "they call me Mister Tibbs" became the name of the sequel to In the Heat of the Night.


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