Movie Trivia II Answers

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1. True.

2. False. It's Tom Hanks.

3. False. It's Denzel Washington.

4. False. The Serial Mom was Kathleen Turner.

5. False. No way!

6. False. The actress was Emma Thompson.

7. True.

8. True.

9. False. Forest Whitaker's character dies early on in the movie.

10. True.

11. True. However, the movie focuses more on the childhood experiences of Josh Waitzkin, not Bobby Fischer.

12. True.

13. False. He pierces the muzzle of his pistol into a carton of milk so that the shot will not produce a spark that will reach the gas (pretty cool, huh?).

14. False. He touches a live man's beating heart.

15. True.

16. True.

17. False. No way!

18. False. It is based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

19. This was kind of a trick question. You are correct if you answered true, but because the character has his face replaced by Nicolas Cage's, Cage actually plays the character for a significant part of the movie. So you get this one right, regardless of what you answered, as long as you were aware of this.

20. True.


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