High Ceiling Verbal IQ Test

By William F. Bultas
This 20 question vocabulary test is for entertainment purposes only, & is to some extent a parody of some tests (many of which are used by various high IQ societies) that purportedly measure high level mental abilities by using questions that consist almost entirely of obscure words like these. Still, if you can score high, it would seem likely that you are pretty smart; but if you don't score high, don't be discouraged, as I take all of the "legitimate" tests out there with a grain of salt. So for this test, you might as well use the entire shaker.... Try to determine which definition is the real one for each of the words given on the 20 problems below, & write the letter for each definition on a sheet of paper. The words & the correct definitions were all taken from the game Balderdash®, which is now out of print (however, I have designed a makeshift game that is similar to Balderdash®). The false definitions were written by me. When you're done, you'll find a ranking scale with the answers that will allow you to see how well you did on the test. If you enjoy these puzzles, be sure to try the other tests & puzzles at PUZZ.COM. Have fun!

1. paraclete

A. A bird that is noteworthy because of its inability to avoid being stepped on.

B. A dentist's assistant.

C. A lawyer's assistant.

2. mingy

A. Imperceptible

B. Failing miserably.

C. Selfish and mean.

3. waniand

A. The waning of the moon and the bad luck sometimes associated with it.

B. A pale ox.

C. An instance serving to illustrate or explain.

4. piscatology

A. The study of fish.

B. The science of fishing.

C. The study of feline urine.

5. storaine

A. Rendered breathless, as from fright, astonishment, etc.

B. A synthetic substitute for cocaine used as an anaesthetic in spinal surgery.

C. A mistaken belief or perception.

6. narthex

A. A covered entranceway to a church.

B. Medication that aids in the regulation of sleep habits.

C. A vestibule or anteroom.

7. boletus

A. A variety of wild mushroom.

B. A sweet, flavored liquor.

C. A ripple, as in a lake or pond.

8. tarpon

A. A spear used for fishing by some coastal villagers.

B. A small fishing ship.

C. A large, edible fresh-water fish.

9. cocket

A. A document ensuring that a merchant's goods have been checked by a customs officer.

B. A license to carry poultry out of a country.

C. A severed abdominal pain.

10. mandrill

A. A hand held tool used for excavation.

B. A ferocious baboon with a deep blue face and a bright red bottom.

C. A small barracks.

11. screeve

A. A high-pitched screeching sound.

B. To draw pictures on a sidewalk for money.

C. An attachment on airplane wings that shakes off ice.

12. bummalo

A. A small dried fish used in chutney relish.

B. A variety of flying fish.

C. An emblem or token.

13. liblab

A. A worker who was pro union in the 19th century.

B. A specially designed office used to recreate crime scenes.

C. A book that treats a particular technological subject.

14. modoc

A. A jester in the Festival of Fools, which was popular in Renaissance England.

B. A person in a carnival game who lets people try to hit him with balls.

C. Confused doggerel.

15. abandannad

A. A pickpocket who steals scarves and kerchiefs.

B. A small, but swiftly flowing stream.

C. A card game (renamed) that is believed to have originated in China during the Ming Dynasty.

16. therblig

A. A school of Natural Healing that promotes certain herbs and exercise.

B. A time and motion study invented by F.B. Gilbreth, (word is anagram of name).

C. A house of ill repute.

17. jerque

A. A male mannequin.

B. To search for things that have been smuggled.

C. An alternate spelling for a dance that was popular during the 1950's.

18. popination

A. The process by which opium is manufactured.

B. Bar hopping.

C. The hurling of a football to the ground after a touchdown.

19. bdellometer

A. An early instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure, invented by Barton Dell.

B. A tuning fork.

C. A mechanical leech.

20. pilgarlic

A. A garlic tablet.

B. The greenish blue plume worn by Spanish soldiers during the Inquisition.

C. A person with a bald head that resembles a peeled garlic clove.


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