Answers to High Ceiling Verbal IQ Test

Try the test first if you haven't already.

Number Correct   IQ
0-2              IQ  75
3-5              IQ  90
6-8              IQ 100 
9-11             IQ 110 
12-14            IQ 120 
15-17            IQ 130 
18-20            IQ 140 

1. C. A lawyer's assistant.

2. C. Selfish and mean.

3. A. The waning of the moon and the bad luck sometimes associated with it.

4. B. The science of fishing.

5. B. A synthetic substitute for cocaine used as an anaesthetic in spinal surgery.

6. A. A covered entranceway to a church.

7. A. A variety of wild mushroom.

8. C. A large, edible fresh-water fish. However, I received this note from a web surfer: "The answer to Question #8 on the High Ceiling Verbal IQ test is only partially correct. A tarpon is a large, (marginally) edible, SALT water fish."

9. A. A document ensuring that a merchant's goods have been checked by a customs officer.

10. B. A ferocious baboon with a deep blue face and a bright red bottom.

11. B. To draw pictures on a sidewalk for money.

12. A. A small dried fish used in chutney relish.

13. A. A worker who was pro union in the 19th century.

14. B. A person in a carnival game who lets people try to hit him with balls.

15. A. A pickpocket who steals scarves and kerchiefs.

16. B. A time and motion study invented by F.B. Gilbreth, (word is anagram of name).

17. B. To search for things that have been smuggled.

18. B. Bar hopping.

19. C. A mechanical leech.

20. C. A person with a bald head that resembles a peeled garlic clove.


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