Vocabulary Quiz

By William F. Bultas
This 20 question vocabulary quiz to some extent follows in the tradition of the fun game Balderdash®, which I understand is out of print. I have drawn up the rules for a simple, free game that is similar to Balderdash®. On this quiz, an obscure word is given, & you must write the letter for the definition that you believe is the correct one for the word given. The words & correct definitions were all taken or paraphrased from Balderdash® or Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: Tenth Edition. The false definitions were written by me. When you're done, you'll find a ranking scale with the answers that will allow you to see how well you did on the quiz. If you enjoy these puzzles, be sure to try the other tests & puzzles at PUZZ.COM. Have fun!

1. carmagnole

A. A lively song often accompanied by street dancing, popular during the French Revolution.

B. A disease of the liver that is in many cases terminal.

C. A type of derby that was worn in the late nineteenth century and originated in England.

2. spatung

A. A sea urchin.

B. A snow crab.

C. A shrewish woman.

3. nautch

A. A waterproof watch that is safe at great depths undersea.

B. A type of ancient hut.

C. A chorus line in India of nautch girls.

4. mantelet

A. A small shelf above a fireplace.

B. A bulletproof screen.

C. A Norwegian soldier.

5. sardoodledum

A. A gadfly

B. A type of radish

C. A melodrama

6. mahout

A. A metal boomerang with extremely sharp edges.

B. A prehistoric reptile with pointed tusks.

C. An elephant driver.

7. camisole

A. A container used to carry water or wine over long distances.

B. A short sleeveless garment for women.

C. A boastful, swaggering person.

8. lagan

A. Short, thin, diagonally cut tubular pasta.

B. A special gift or donation.

C. Goods thrown into the sea with a buoy attached so that they may be found again.

9. cymatium

A. A crowning molding in classic architecture.

B. The angle between an aircraft supporting surface (as a wing) and a horizontal transverse line.

C. A small chamber or cavity especially in a plant or animal body.

10. hoplite

A. A circle dance of Romania and Israel.

B. A heavily armed infantry soldier of ancient Greece.

C. A spittoon.

11. preterist

A. An architectual housing model.

B. An appetizer.

C. A person who enjoys reliving past memories.

12. pignus

A. The waning light from a flickering flame.

B. Someone who enjoys language games.

C. Property held as collateral against a debt.

13. nictitate

A. A very wealthy man.

B. Medical treatment using aloe and other healing herbs.

C. To flirt by winking the eye.

14. thesicle

A. A type of one-horse sleigh.

B. A small thesis or proposition.

C. A variety of Asian buzzard.

15. gawf

A. A shiny red apple.

B. A laugh that is accompanied by coughing.

C. A slow burning fuse that is used in underground explosions.

16. schesis

A. A variety of skunk.

B. That which sometimes follows Synthesis in a Hegelian model.

C. To make fun of people's accents and mannerisms.

17. kinnikinnik

A. A gambling game played with three small cups and a ball.

B. A young palm tree.

C. Indian smoking substance made from tree bark.

18. sindon

A. The tissue between the front and back legs of a flying squirrel that aids in flight.

B. A poisonous weed.

C. A book cover made of linen.

19. yashmak

A. An Indian biscuit.

B. An intense argument.

C. A face-veil worn by women of Moslem countries.

20. kilhig

A. Dysentery.

B. In logging, a short pole used to direct the way a tree will fall.

C. As sharp as nails.