Answers to Vocabulary Quiz

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Number Correct   Rank
0-2              Verbally Challenged
3-5              Joe (or Josephine) Six Pack
6-8              Understudy
9-11             Student
12-14            Graduate
15-17            Walking Dictionary
18-20            Dasher

1. A. A lively song often accompanied by street dancing, popular during the French Revolution.

2. A. A sea urchin.

3. C. A chorus line in India of nautch girls.

4. B. A bulletproof screen.

5. C. A melodrama

6. C. An elephant driver.

7. B. A short sleeveless garment for women.

8. C. Goods thrown into the sea with a buoy attached so that they may be found again.

9. A. A crowning molding in classic architecture.

10. B. A heavily armed infantry soldier of ancient Greece.

11. C. A person who enjoys reliving past memories.

12. C. Property held as collateral against a debt.

13. C. To flirt by winking the eye.

14. B. A small thesis or proposition.

15. A. A shiny red apple.

16. C. To make fun of people's accents and mannerisms

17. C. Indian smoking substance made from tree bark.

18. C. A book cover made of linen.

19. C. A face-veil worn by women of Moslem countries.

20. B. In logging, a short pole used to direct the way a tree will fall.