RiddleNut Random Riddles - A different riddle appears each time you reload the page.

Riddles - From our 1,001 Best Puzzles collection.

Chimera High Ability Riddle Test - Published in several Mensa & other high IQ society newsletters, & previously used as an admissions test for the Collegium High IQ Society. Answers & ranking scale are available online.

Chimera Oblique Riddle Exam - A shorter, tougher test by comparison to the CHART.

The Enigmus Riddle Exam - Try to solve 30 educational and enjoyable riddles. Gives an estimated IQ score.

Kim's Riddles - Be sure to give this Canadian author's brain teasers a try - they're fun, and some of them are pretty tough!

Riddles Personified - These fun riddles conceal the names of famous people. See how many you can solve!