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Bluffing Word Game - This simple word game is suitable for 2 or more players ages 10 & above.

Brainteasers and Mindbenders - Puzzle Book reviewed by Puzz.com.

Castles Besieged - A Simple Game of Medieval Battle. A 2 player game using 2 dice & a standard deck of cards.

Chimera's Lair - A simple, but challenging & entertaining word game written & designed by Yours Truly. Suitable for solo & multi-player games.

Chivalrous Attrition - A strategic game using some of the rules of chess. A portion of the rules (reworded by the Editor), along with commentary, appeared in Variant Chess, the Journal of the British Chess Variants Society.

Cryptographer - Review & download link for a freeware program that allows you to solve our cryptograms & cryptoquotes without using paper or pen/pencil.

Cube Games - Four 3 dimensional games to challenge your friends to. Illustrated by Darryl Miyaguchi.

Free Content for Webmasters - Do you have a web site? Add our IQ tests and other features right into your web pages! They integrate seamlessly, as if they were a regular part of your web site.

FreeDungeons.com - A Puzz.com-owned site. Adventure through totally free RPG dungeons online!

GAMES Magazine - To find books by the Editors of GAMES Magazine, click here.

Goth: A Horror Trivia Board Game - Reviewed by Puzz.com. A review with links for purchase of a fun horror-related trivia game.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space: A Sci-Fi/Horror B-Movie Card Game - Reviewed by Puzz.com. It's a great game that makes a wonderful gift for anyone with a sense of humor!

High IQ Societies - A Puzz.com-owned site. Are you smart and want to meet other smart people online, perhaps offline as well? One or more of these groups may be for you. Included are a few societies dedicated to the creation and solving of various puzzles, some of the groups are completely free, and some of the societies have no entrance requirements (i.e. anyone can join who wants to).

Little Book of Bathroom Sudoku: 160 Brain-straining Number Placing Games - I wrote the Foreword for this sudoku puzzle book, which is by famous puzzle creator Terry Stickels.

The Mammoth Book of Astounding Puzzles - Reviewed by Puzz.com. Contains an interesting culture-fair IQ test.

MindTrap and MindTrap II: Games that will challenge the way you think! - Reviewed by Puzz.com with links for purchase of 2 brainy board games.

Online Calculator - A totally free online calculator. No download required.

OnlineGamingZone.com - A Puzz.com-owned site completely dedicated to totally free online games! You'll find memory & IQ test games, puzzle, jigsaw, logic, trivia, arcade and many more games.

The Ultimate Clever Puzzle Book - Reviewed by Puzz.com.