Trivia Brain Teasers - Try the quizzes and submit your answers, then see how you compare with others.

Myths, Legends & UFOs - Are you interested in the paranormal? The mythological? The extraterrestrial? We'll see. Try this trivia quiz and assess your knowledge of the strrrrrrange!

Trivia Teasers - From our 1,001 Best Puzzles collection.

Score a Million Jr. Free Online Trivia Arcade Game - Challenge yourself with this exciting trivia game.

Trivia Quiz #1 (easy trivia) - Test your basic knowledge. The only drawback is that you have to start over if you miss a question.

Trivia Quiz #2 (easy & medium trivia) - Test your basic knowledge. A bit tougher than Quiz #1.

Trivia Quiz #3 (medium trivia) - Test your general knowledge.

Trivia Quiz #4 (hard trivia) - Test your general knowledge.

Astronomy & Mythology Trivia Quiz - A matching quiz that allows you to test your knowledge of the planets, Greek gods, & their Greek & Latin names.

Movie Trivia - Try to match the actors & actresses to the roles they played in various movies.

Movie Trivia II - A quick true/false quiz that covers several different movies.

Science Fiction Trivia - A trivia quiz that covers books, tv shows & movies both old & recent.

Letter Removal Puzzlers - Test your knowledge of words and trivia.

Trivial Trivia - A short quiz covering a fairly wide array of subjects.

Trivia Puzzles - A tough trivia quiz that will get your "little gray cells" working!

More Trivia Features and Quizzes:

Goth: A Horror Trivia Board Game - Reviewed by A review with links for purchase of a fun horror-related trivia game.

Trivia & Cryptoquotes Archive - We used these trivial tidbits & cryptoquotes in our daily e-Zine from 1/03 to 10/03, at which time the e-Zine began running daily cryptoquote contests.

Trivia Library - A large number of trivia articles on a wide variety of subjects including quizzes on movies, history, and things like that. These articles were licensed from a popular series of now out of print trivia books.

Smart Marketing IQ Test - 20 multiple choice questions that will test 4 "brand intelligence areas". It's a fun test!

Brand Prix IQ Test - What's your automobile brand IQ?

The Traveler IQ Challenge™ - EXCELLENT geography quizzes! By default the page loads the "World" challenge, but click the links above the quiz for others for USA, North America, Flags of the World and more. Brain teasing AND educational!