1,001 Best Puzzles - Herein you will find our "best" 1,001 (actually 1,021) brain teasers:

Anagrams (55)

Analogies (152)

Series Puzzles (35)

Logic & Lateral Thinking Teasers (62)

Riddles (147)

Cryptograms & Cryptoquotes (50)

Verbal Items (237)

Trivia Teasers (187)

Associations Puzzlers (76)

Math Problems (20)

2 to 1 Animal Anagrams - Unscramble the two words and combine them to find the name of a creature. Par is 7 points out of 21 possible, and you're some kind of anagram genius if you can score more than 15 points.

Aardvark Puzzle Squares - Measure your ability to find patterns with these thought provoking puzzlers.

Aardwolf: Master of Puzzles - Ten tough puzzles from the Master Puzzler and adventurer Aardwolf!

Abnormal Amalgamated Scrambled Sayings & Movie & Book Titles - 12 difficult teasers that require you to decode various titles.

Aboard Puzz.com: Are You Ready To Test Your Brain Power? - Well, are you?

Amgine Lexical Assessment Scale - See how many words you can come up with that meet the criteria specified. Comes with an approximated IQ ranking scale.

Anomalous & Amazing Apt Adages - Fun & sometimes silly puzzles that will make you think!

Apt Adages, Maxims & Sayings Puzzles - The sequel to AAAA. More silliness & strangeness to entertain your brain!

Associate This! - A fun little word association quiz that will test both your knowledge and lateral thinking.

Association Puzzles - 20 difficult but fun word association puzzles.

Association Puzzles II - Yes, these things are fun! 20 difficult but fun word association puzzles.

Carolina Intelligence Test - Cool puzzles involving numbers, words, letters, logic, and lateral thinking.

Challenging IQ Quiz - 12 fun puzzles to tease & exercise your brain!

Chimera Puzzlers - Even more puzzles to perplex & entertain you.

Chimera's Puzzles - Several more tough puzzles with a puzzler ranking scale.

Chimera Returns - More tough puzzles styled after Chimera's Conundrums.

Chimera Test - Some of the most difficult IQ puzzles ever created! The Chimera List lists the names of the individuals who achieved the highest 10 scores on this test. Answers are now available online.

Chimera Test of Mental Maturity - Test your IQ with this fun little quiz.

Classic & Logic Puzzles - 10 high quality classic puzzles involving logic & other skills.

Classic & Logic Puzzles II - More puzzle fun for exercising your brain!

Contextual Anagrams - Determine which 2 anagrams are being used in each of these 20 sentences by using context clues.

Contextual Anagrams Plus One - 20 more sentences with 2 anagrams apiece, but one of the words in each sentence contains an extra letter.

Conventional Wisdom IQ Test - Test your knowledge of various sayings and phrases!

Culture Fair Memory Test - A 5 minute timed test to measure how strong your short term memory is.

Einstein I.Q. Test - I.Q. test contains several mathematical & spatial puzzles.

Enigmatic Puzzle IQ Test - 10 more Chimera-style IQ puzzles.

The Enigmus Associations Experiment - Even more association fun!

Ghotiwhaid Frenzy - Did you know that the word "fish" can be spelled "ghoti?" See how, then try to solve similar teasers!

Hidden Puzzle Contest Archive - See the puzzles and winners in our ongoing series of puzzle contests for prizes that lasted for more than 2 years - 30 contests in all.

High Ceiling Verbal IQ Test - A quick verbal test that is to an extent a spoof of some actual tests.

Intelligence Test - This 10 puzzle IQ test received a Pick of the Week award from HitBox.com.

Lateral Thinking & Logic Puzzles - How strong are your lateral thinking skills? Are you illogical, or as logical as a vulcan?

Lateral Thinking IQ Test - 10 puzzles that will determine your lateral thinking IQ!

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers - 30 short brain teasers that are similar in style to some puzzles you may already be familiar with. Example: 26 L in the A. Answer: 26 letters in the alphabet.

Letter Removal Puzzles - Solve these fun puzzles to find the hidden words.

Lloyd King's Lateral Thinking Puzzles - 10 excellent & tough puzzles (some visual & graphical) plus links to brain teaser books by our friend Lloyd King. I provide hints to assist you, should you need them (likely!). These puzzles are also available as the Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test.

Lloyd King's Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles - 10 more great lateral thinking puzzles from our buddy Lloyd King. Hints are provided, along with the answers. These puzzles are also available as the Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test II.

Logical & Mathematical IQ Quiz - Test your brain power with these difficult but fun & educational puzzles.

Mind Numbing Puzzles - These puzzles aren't as tough as the name implies, but they'll definitely give your brain a workout!

Name Those Initials! - See how well you can do on the NTI quiz!

Number Series Puzzles - 14 fun (but tough!) numeric brain teasers.

Off With Their Heads! - No, these puzzles do not have anything to do with the Queen of Hearts or Alice in Wonderland! But you will find 40 fairly tough word puzzles to decapitate.

Penultimate I.Q. Challenge - A fairly tough 10 puzzle I.Q. test.

Puzzle Antics - 10 fun logical, spatial, mathematical, & word based puzzles for you to test your brain on.

Puzzle Contests Newsletter - No longer running, but click here to see the archive for this zine, which existed briefly as a replacement for the Hidden Puzzle Contest.

Puzzle Contests for Prizes - Archive of hundreds of puzzles that we used as contests for prizes.

Puzzles, Games & Contests Newsletter - Defunct, but click here to see an archive of the contests that were run in the newsletter from 11/99 - 8/01.

Series Puzzlers - Be warned that some of these puzzles are a bit devious!

Side Puzzles - 14 word puzzles that (oddly enough!) involve the word side.

Synonymous Synonym Puzzles - 20 very difficult puzzles that require you to match words from lists that are similar in meaning. Some very obscure words are in these lists!

The Test You Really Should Try - Contains some tough puzzles, and provides an IQ chart for you to see how well you have done after you’re finished.

Test Your I.Q. - 14 brain teasers ranging from low to high in level of difficulty that you are to complete in one untimed session.

Test Your Verbal I.Q. - A tough 10 minute quiz.

Test Your Word Power, Test Your Knowledge! - Exercise your mind on this verbal & knowledge quiz.

Tortuous Titles - Try to figure out what movie, tv, book, & music titles are being spoofed with these 20 puzzles.

Vocabulary Quiz - A 20 question fun quiz that follows in the tradition of the word game Balderdash®.

Vocabulary Test - 20 flawed word definitions. Try to figure out what the words are!

Word Play IQ Test - 20 puzzles that play on the titles of movies. Bizarre ranking scale included with answers.

Other Classic Tests & Puzzles Sites:

Puzzle Master - Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of wire and wood brain teasers. In addition to this they also carry specialty Jigsaws, Rubik's Cubes, Puzzle Rings, Japanese Puzzle Boxes, Chess Sets and Mechanical Banks.

Puzzle Monster - A puzzle club, and tons of excellent online puzzles!

"Aha!" Puzzles - Web site of lateral thinking author Lloyd King.

Play With Your Mind - over 50 original mind games (word, logic, memory, focus, etc.)

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests - This site archives information about a large number of high IQ societies, and IQ tests. The site contains an enourmous amount of information, and its webmaster, Darryl Miyaguchi, has done an excellent job of it. We do not endorse the tests or societies on this site as being "legitimate." Having said that, the site is extremely interesting, if you are into this sort of thing.

Project Euler - Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems. Please be warned that the problems are challenging and you are unlikely to make much progress if you have no knowledge of programming. Having said that, this is both the perfect environment and opportunity to learn new techniques and refine your programming skills. As the problems are challenging, you may wish to view the problems before registering.

Logic & Puzzle Games - From our Online Gaming Zone site. Many classic problems can be found here.

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